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What Makes Press Releases So Powerful?

Top marketers, companies and consultants worldwide understand the power that well-written, newsworthy and timely press releases can bring to their marketing efforts. Here are a few of the many reasons why adding press releases to your marketing arsenal will pay massive dividends:

  • Instant Visibility

    PR Sites Can Connect You Instantly To Sites Like Google News, CNN, and the WSJ…And Get You In Front Of Your Desired Audience.

  • Trust and Branding

    Press Releases Act As a Third-Party Validation Of Your Company And Brand, And Help Establish You As A Trusted, Reliable Entity.

  • Inbound Links

    Press Releases Contain Links To Your Site And Serve To Pass On Quality Page Rank While Boosting Targeted Site Visitors.

  • Traffic Booster

    Press Releases Gain Traction And Syndication, And Give You Huge Potential For Traffic Spikes To Your Website.

Want More Traffic, Quicker & Sustained?

“If I was down to the last dollar in my marketing budget,
I’d spend it on PR!”

— Bill Gates, world’s richest man

Imagine you have built a website to showcase your product or service. You know you can convert your site visitors and prospects into paying customers. You’re ready for business.

But then the “unthinkable” happens…no one comes to your site.

You’ve made sure it’s beautiful, it’s clear and easy to navigate. You’ve got your products in just the right place, perhaps you’ve got your opt-in ready for subscribers…but no one comes.

Google has made things practically impossible to figure out: what used to work in getting sites ranked doesn’t work anymore, or you focus on quick-rank tactics with no staying power.

How do you jumpstart things? And how do you get site traffic AT WILL?

Perhaps you try your hand at paid advertising, leaving you to hope that your target audience is easily identifiable and affordable for your budget.

Perhaps you decide to get busy with “inbound marketing” tactics, such as actively blogging, creating white papers and reports, and getting up to your eyeballs in social media.

All of these tactics have their merits, and our intention isn’t to suggest you shouldn’t be doing some or all of this in your own traffic strategy.

But chances are you are leaving a HUGE OPPORTUNITY on the table. And chances are even greater that the reason has to do with not knowing how to do it.

That’s where we come in.

We are BWI Press, founded by sales and marketing expert Bill Guthrie and technology wizard Manfred Ekblad. We focus on real-world problems and create real-world solutions.

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“Without publicity a terrible thing happens — nothing.”

— P.T. Barnum, one of the world’s greatest showmen

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Press Releases?

First off, top marketers, business and traffic experts DO use press releases. They’ve learned that press releases can be instrumental in bringing extreme focus to their websites and offers.

But for those who don’t currently use press releases as part of their marketing arsenal, here are the reasons:

Press Releases Should Be Written in AP Style

Even though your press releases will be consumed–and acted upon–by audiences other than reports, it is best practice to follow the Associated Press style of journalistic writing. Most people don’t know this style, and frankly, who wants to master it? It takes a seasoned professional writer–or Instant PR Pro–to nail the desired style that reporters want to see when considering republishing a press release to their authority site.

Press Releases Can Cost Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars To Have Created

Given that it requires a professional, or–you guessed it, Instant PR Pro–to create well-crafted press releases, marketers and companies on small budgets tend to miss out on this powerful, viral and ultimately free publicity.

“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely
more effective than a front page ad.”

— Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group

What Will Instant PR Pro Do For You?

Instant PR Pro removes the need for hiring an expensive professional press release writer.

Working closely with a Public Relations professional, we provide you with the 20 most used types of press releases in an easy-to-use environment.

Simply choose the press release template that best suits your needs, fill out a few pre-determined fields, and we’ll take care of the rest.

All according to AP style, and all in a format that ensures your press releases will be of the highest quality.

Once you’re done, you can export your finished press release in a text file or html file, and we’ll even mail it to you (and your desired recipients). This makes submitting to your favorite free or paid press release site a snap! Just copy and paste your Instant PR Pro press release and you’ll be on your way to explosive viral traffic!

Instant PR Pro lets YOU be the PR Professional!

With Instant PR Pro, you can offer press release services to clients. Our templates cover all the needs a business will encounter, and once you fill in the various Business Profiles of your clients, most of your work will be done!

Ask your client a couple of questions — yes, our templates give you the questions to ask — insert the answers into Instant PR Pro, export the final press release and submit. Oh, and make sure to collect your fee!

Exactly What You Get With Instant PR Pro

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Take the Hard Work & Expense Out of Press Releases With the Instant PR Pro Templates

You’ll Get Instant Access to These 20 Most Used Press Release Templates

  • New Service

  • New Product

  • Sales Promotion

  • Free Report or White Paper

  • Affiliate Program Announcement

  • New Employee

  • Employee Promotion

  • Announcement of Job Openings

  • Availability of Expert Interview

  • New Client Signed

  • Contest/Sweepstakes

  • Upcoming Event

  • New Website

  • Re-Designed Website

  • Business Relocation

  • New Location/Expansion

  • Company Anniversary

  • Charitable Donation

  • Scholarship Recipient

  • Non-Profit Sponsorship

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Instant PR Pro For Clients?

Absolutely! If you’re a local marketing consultant—or want to be one—offering Press Releases is a terrific service that pays well and provides your clients with tremendous value.

Is There Anything to Download?

Nothing but your completed press releases. Instant PR Pro is web-based, so it works in any browser on any computer. No need to download or install any software on your computer.

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